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Obsessed with Selfies? The Selfie Kingdom Dubai is your new destination!

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We’re now part of the selfie-generation; people are sharing more and more photos of themselves and will go to great extents to capture the perfect pic or get a selfie for their social media posting. The Selfie Kingdom is a perfect place where anyone can come in, have loads of fun and leave with some really cool pictures they can show their friends, literally a Selfie boutique with chosen settings suiting all your tastes. The Selfie Kingdom is the Best Place for Selfies in Dubai. This is a Selfie Museum where teen/tween boys and girls as well as adults can come and enjoy the best moments to take selfies. This Selfie Studio is the best destination for photo enthusiasts, social media users and influencers, groups of friends, birthday parties and so many more. The Selfie Kingdom is the UAE’s first Instagram inspired selfie studio for taking selfies and photos, designed for the sole purpose of taking pictures for social media. The selfie rooms are set up with special lighting and all the props a user might need to create the perfect shot. The Selfie Kingdom is a fun way to spend your free time, especially if you’re with a group of Instagram obsessed friends. The Selfie Kingdom is planning to bring more and more attractions in their selfie rooms for their regular visitors.

Obsessed with Selfies? The Selfie Kingdom Dubai is your new destination!

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