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When Sex with Partners Equals Less or None

Richtlinie zu verantwortungsbewusstem Spielen2022-11-30 09:40:24【World】4people reading

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We can call our era one of sexual liberation. Our generation has pretty much inherited all this freedom and openness, without putting forth any sort of effort.  Maybe because of that, we take sex with partners for granted and treat it like just any other pleasure we need to have, like watching a new movie or shopping for new clothes. We see it as the logical option to make our partner stay in our relationship. But there are still many people who choose abstinence and wait until the day of their wedding.  Now, there are those who will flat out not get involved in any sort of sexual practice - those are the radicals. Zero sex. But since we live in the era of light versions of everything. How about light abstinence?Such a concept has many levels we can think of or that we’ve witnessed.  On one hand there are those people who will not engage in any sort of penetration - anal or vaginal; but will give other practices such as masturbation and oral sex a go.  Then there are those who will only have anal penetration so that technically, they’ll still be virgins on their wedding night.  Obviously they equate virginity with possessing an intact hymen, which is a pretty narrow-minded vision of it.The reasoning behind adopting these versions of abstinence varies greatly.  On one hand there are religions that condemn fornication, and so some give it up in order to save their soul.  Then there are many who have had negative experiences in the past, or who have great insecurities so they decide to not engage in sex to avoid getting hurt somehow.Finally there are a great number of people who practice abstinence for health reasons, mainly to avoid sexually transmitted diseases.  The huge problem here is that people ignore that many practices which are alternative to penetration, can result in contracting an STD.  From oral sex to anal penetration, nothing is 100% sure and so it’s important to always use effective protection from the beginning… or to flat out practice old fashioned abstinence, which means nothing.You might be pissed off if ever your partner in sex decides to do abstinence. The solution is to offer his/her mild abstinence. But remember, whatever you and your partner in sex decide, you should respect his/her belief and opinion regarding sex if you truly love him/her. If they want to wait until the wedding day, then wait. Great things come for those who wait.

When Sex with Partners Equals Less or None

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