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Let Your Mascara Packaging Trends Inspire Your Customers

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Are you in search of a little inspiration for your packaging design? Then what better place to start than the latest and most innovative trends for cosmetic mascara packaging. Once you have an idea of what’s in trend, you will know what to create in terms of packaging that will easily cater to the needs of the customers, knowing what is right to them and a style that will speak to them in a specific yet amazing way.You need to choose a design that will give out the look and feel of both the modern and on trend. Yet at the same time, the design needs to be timeless, and appeal to masses universally. Therefore, you need to ensure that your packaging is the most up-to-date you have ever come up with, every time you have a packaging created for your products.Let’s have a look at some of the most intriguing and amazing cosmetic packaging trends that will blow you away.Intrication of Line DrawingsThe use of fine line for intricate drawings as well as lots of fine details, this is one of those timelessly amazing and beautiful trends that are used for cosmetics packaging for a long time. Particularly the hand-made drawings and floral patterns work really well together. You can use this pattern to cover the entire product packaging, or can focus on covering just one particular area. The choice is entirely yours to make.But in saying that, trying to go for something that is on the less feminine side, yet at the same time you want it to be more detailed and elegant, then you should opt for a rather clean, geometric and cool drawing-style. This may be the right path for you. The style may be even more perfect if you are one of those brands that give a lot of eye to details. Or if you are one of those looking for a beautiful yet subtle way to showcase the content inside your packaging – which is of course your product – by simply drawing out the pictures of the ingredients that you have used in your goods.Unique Custom FontsLately, you might have witnessed a trend of using bold fonts across the board when it comes to graphic design. But let’s not stick it to that. This naturally now extends to the packaging of products too. When you use unique packaging, you are giving it a whole lot in terms of character.Bold, Unique, and Eye-Catching PatternsWith the use of wild color combination and lout stripes, the bold pattern trend will allow your product packaging to simply jump of the shelves. When the patterns are eye-catching and well-placed, it will make your product packaging pop out and will give the right confident your brand needs. This will make your brand set apart from the competition.The irregular patterns one of those especially reoccurring trends giving your packaging a unique and certain edge. But make no mistake, this does not mean that you as a brand need to be loud and young to be able to use this trend or be a part of it. Abstract patterns will work fine for anyone and everyone as long as the brand gets all the shapes and colors right.A Twisting Cool and Classy Black PackagingIf you wish to have something timeless, then its best you try the black and white packaging for cosmetics. This is one of those trends that will never go out of style. Nor will the customers ever feel tired of it. In saying that, there is a new trend taking place in the packaging designs. We have witnessed that while white was used as an overwhelming choice when it comes to cosmetic packaging, but the black has a certain look and feel which is why it seems to be outdoing a lot of shades and dominating the monochrome packaging style at the moment.Here’s an interesting twist to these designs, if you wish to add it like that. The designs make use of tiny pops of vibrant hues as well as subtle patterns. These are enough to grab the attention. A black packaging gives a more luxurious look and feel. Yet at the same time, the shade gives out an air of coolness and mystery. And this is not all where it ends. Choosing a classy monochrome design will ensure you that the packaging you have selected is never going to go out of style.Using Warm Earthy Tones and Lush FloralA unique, stylishly-vintage and amazing trend has taken place in the world of cosmetic packaging. People simply can’t seem to get enough of it. And what is that trend? The packaging is covered completely in vibrantly warm, rich floral patterns with hues of the earth, nature and surroundings. This is something that has appealed to a large number of people all over. This is one of those trends that make people feel warm, fuzzy and comfy. Apart from it being a completely feminine element, and somehow it sometimes send out some sexy vibes too. Combine all these, and the customer feels all these at the same time. Somewhat comforted, somewhat sexy, somewhat warm. It sends out the perfect feeling and illusion. Which is why this trend has really taken a shine to both the customers as well as the brands.This combination that you get of simple typography with rich, lush floral illustrations leads only to something that is a classic style creating yet the most luxurious yet approachable look. Customers feel very special when they buy cosmetic products which such packaging.Using Modern Minimalist PastelsMinimalism and pastels are a match made in the Heavens above. The use of pastels will ensure that your minimalist design that might seem a little harsh may otherwise look soft, whereas if you use a clean and minimalistic design, this ensures that the use of pastels makes your packaging design look more modern and grownup. You can blend both these concepts together and you will land up with an amazing and right mix that will suit your brand. From keeping it simple, yet at the same time stylish by choosing a pastel shade, you let your packaging speak to your customers out loud and the brand too. At the same time, you can work with a combination of different pastels that will allow you to achieve a dreamy and playful look.Now let’s take a look at the cosmetic packaging. When it comes down to that, anything will simply do for it. But ever dare to do something different, be a little different? You can simply do so by playing around with custom boxes designs that will communicate to your customers and express to them what your brand is all about and where it stands in the market. Make the design unique enough to make it stand out from the rest in the competition. You can grab lots of inspiration from the internet, or maybe check out the designs from your favorite brands of the relevant industry.

Let Your Mascara Packaging Trends Inspire Your Customers

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